the story behind it



The story behind it

The story behind it is short: we do not want to reinvent the wheel, however, we want to approach the corporate market in a slightly different way!

Advantages for the customer:

  • As our partner factory once told us with a smile: “Marc, we build the best golf bags on the market. If we can build complicated bags like these, we are definitely able to build any kind of bag!” Some examples are Packs & duffles, Sports bags, Golf bags, Travel cover, Luggage, Accessory bags.
  • Our customers can choose their own design/colours/branding/molding with only 300 pieces minimum! That is much less than you commonly would have to order in the industry.
  • Materials (e.g. polyester, nylon, ripstop, leather, waterproof, neoprene, etc.) and zippers (e.g. YKK and all other qualities) can be chosen freely.

Our goal is to combine the best attributes of all cultures involved: Germany stands for trustworthiness, quality consciousness and customer service. Asia stands for manpower, infrastructure and favorable pricing. In addition, due to our sales representatives in the U.S and Oceania, on the one hand we are able to meet diverse cultural demands, on the other hand, customers can benefit from new trends from different parts of the world!

This combination makes us a strong and reliable partner – based in Germany with a global reach – truly beneficial for our customers!